Fong Qi Wei: Time Is A Dimension

I should probably start this post by mentioning that I’m a Singaporean girl living in Canada.

Now that you know that, I can say that I’m always excited when I chance upon Singaporean artists’ works online because it makes me excited about the art scene in Singapore. Today I found Fong Qi Wei’s work: Time is a Dimension. Fong photographs the same landscape over a period of 2 – 4 hours, capturing different images of the same location. Thereafter, he cuts the images and creates these stunning images that challenge the ‘snapshot’ nature of the medium. My personal favourite is his shot of the Changi Beach sunset; it makes me think of home.

On that note, Singapore’s National Day (Independence Day equivalent) is coming up on 9th August and I’m working on something as a personal tribute to the country that brought me up!


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